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Hello to all
Hi all, the main purpose of this journal is to connect with people who like musical theatre, escpecially shows like Elisabeth, Mozart and so on. And I am also absolutely freaky fan of my best Elisabeth ever - MAYA HAKVOORT.

I am willing to trade, but full list better on email or something...

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Do you maybe have a video of Elsiabeth with Susan Rigvava Dumas as Sophie?

My list:

sorry, I dont..I wish I had :)

Hi, I was downloading the Elisabeth Wien 2005 video that you posted on foreignmusicals but I have come across a problem. I downloaded all four parts yet when I try to extract the video I get this message:

Free Image Hosting at


I would be very greatful for any advice you could give me about fixing this issue. Thank-you very much :)

hello, I am sorry, but I have no idea as this is not my upload, so I cannot help unfortunately...

Oh well, thank-you for replying anyway.

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